I Promise

It's going to happen.  

I will miss my flight.


I will break my website by accident.


I will say something or do something careless and end up hurting someone I love.


I will forget to send the email.


I will drop the ball.


Of course I will. I know it's true because the alternative is clearly false. I mean, really, could this statement possibly be true: I will never make another mistake for the rest of my life.


Somehow I don't think so.


I'm going to make mistakes, which still leaves me with a few options:


1) Am I going to let that stop me? Let that scare me?


2) What mistakes am I going to make? Will they be worth making, on projects worth doing?


3) How am I going to act after I make those mistakes?


The mistakes are guaranteed, I promise you - nobody escapes them. Character is not perfection. Character is the answers to these questions.