Our capacity to create is limited by our capacity to imagine. We cannot create something that we cannot imagine.  

We simply cannot - how would we even begin? How do you build a house, if you have no idea what it's going to look like when it's complete?  How do you make dinner, if you have no idea what you're going to eat?


Our world will only ever be as beautiful as we dare to imagine it.


To illustrate, an example.




What would our country look like, if we completely eradicated poverty?


It's 2050, and we have defeated poverty. Every child in America has access to healthcare and education.  Every child is raised in a loving home. There are no soup kitchens, because everyone has enough to eat.  There is almost no crime, because there is no desperation.


Imagine this world, really try to imagine it. Take a moment, close your eyes.  Can you see it?




Imagine the impoverished neighborhoods of your city - what do they look like now?


Imagine all the time and effort and money that your local churches spend fighting poverty. Now that there's nothing to fight, what do they do?  How do they spend their time?


When children are well fed and cared for and safe and healthy - what do our school look like?




I can't promise that we will ever be able to completely eradicate poverty.


I can promise, though, that if we cannot even imagine that world, we certainly will never be able to build it.