Morning Ritual

I started my day today with 10 minutes of stretching on my yoga mat, trying to still my mind and focus on my stretches. Then I took another 10 to drink tea and cultivate kindness. I thought of the people I loved and wished them well. I wished them peace and strength and content and safety. I wished the same for myself. I even wished for the people with whom I have a very difficult time being kind.  

And of course I spent over half of those 20 minutes hopelessly distracted. Even so, it way lovely.


When I woke up this morning I had my day well scheduled - from 9am to 9pm, every hour was accounted for. That system lasted until 8:45, when I decided to stop for coffee on my way to work, putting me an hour behind right away. Then I prepared for our board meeting, which took 4 hours instead of the 2 I had schedule. And then I rescheduled my lunch date. And then home for some more office work - which was instantly dismissed in favor of spring cleaning my entire apartment.


It's the kind of day that could have been maddening, but somehow wasn't at all. It was light and fun and productive, even if not in the particular sense I had originally imagined. No time was wasted and I moved smoothly from one task to another.


I spoke to both my sisters on the phone - a rare treat.


What a beautiful day. I can't say for sure my early morning ritual had anything to do with all those blessings, but I'll tell you what - I'm definitely going to start my day the same way tomorrow.