The Perfect Fit

We just finished the second night of the Pie Car - tomorrow is closing night! If you missed the show, look out for an encore performance in April.  

My beautiful parents have been so helpful in this project. Besides their love and support, they've also been strategically totally necessary. While we're out there flipping and flopping and juggling, they are back stage plating up corn dogs and fruit kebabs. Without that support, the show just wouldn't work.


And then the clean up. My lord, the clean up. So many plates to wash. They've been such champs doing the brunt of the clean up, while Erin and I just collapse on the floor.


To me, it feels like I'm the one getting the better end of the deal. I flounce around all night and my parents to the dishes? Win!


And here's the genius part: they feel that way too. They're also getting the better end of the deal, because they didn't have to rehearse and write and decorate for the past few weeks.


Win-win, right? Oh, it gets so much better.


The Pie Car is a fundraiser, and we set the tickets at $10. Well, guess what? Tons of people who came kicked in extra, just because they wanted to. They donated money, had a great time at the show, and left feeling - you guessed it - like they got the better end of the deal.


And Erin? She gets to perform, spend time with her big sister, and raise money for camp - surely she must be the true winner here.


It's a beautiful, beautiful day.




We can build systems like this - we can live in a world that works for everyone.