Just Like Tomatoes

Anyone who lives in Michigan viscerally understands the difference between industrial tomatoes bought at Kroger in January and homegrown tomatoes picked from their garden in August. It's laughable that they even share an English name, so different are they.  

A friend of mine was explaining how delicious their CSA organic garlic was and this was how the communicated it: you know how amazing homegrown tomatoes are? Yeah, it's like that - it's that much better than the garlic you're used to.


Today I tasted maple syrup that was tapped in a friend's front yard. Oh, dear. So delicious. It's like rich liquid caramel that also tastes like the woods.


And on and on and on. The stuff we make is always so much better.


And it's not just food, either. It's the handmade card, the brakes you installed yourself, the t-shirt you mended.


Industrialism just cannot compete with craftsmanship and small batches lovingly prepared.


What are you making in small batches? What are you making that's good like tomatoes in August?