The First Step

We are awesome.  

Human beings have created crazy beauty in the world.


We are slow, dense, two legged animals ... that can fly. We're not made for it - we made it happen.


We created Paris and New York and the Sistine Chapel.


I'm thinking of my favorite restaurant, Grange, and what the human beings there create with food. It's incredible.


We built cars, cured diseases, and went to the moon.


We paint and sing and dance. We made Cats and Les Miserables.


We built the house I'm sitting in, the computer I'm typing on, and the Internet.


We are epic creators.


We are here to talk about education policy, consumerism, American work culture, and how to live well - which is great, because that's what I love to talk about! This conversation is the second step, though, and without the first step, as nice and intelligent as our insights might be, we'll just end up rearranging the furniture. Shifting culture, maybe, but not creating a real revolution.


Without the first step, this conversation is going nowhere. The first step is for each of us to answer this question:


Do you believe that you and your children are capable of contributing to the great legacy of human creation?