In a country where the average average home size 1200 square feet, why does anyone stay at hotels?  

In a country where graduating teaching students struggle to find jobs, why is the average class sizes continue to rise?


In a country full of garages full of cars, why does anyone ever have to take a cab?


In a country full of farm land and refrigerators, why is anyone hungry?


I assure you, I'm not arguing for any sort of asset redistribution. That process is very messy and even worse - terribly boring. Centralization causes too much paperwork - yuck.


It's not about communism, it's about embracing self organized community and abundance.


It's about the absurdity of buying a dozen eggs to make a two egg cake before we ask the neighbours - even if that means that both us and our neighbours end up throwing away unused eggs at the end of the week.


Of every home in the neighbourhood outfitted with their own individual trampolines, swimming pools, Xbox's, and 20 other toys that are no fun to play with alone, anyway.


Of a school system where sharing and collaboration are referred to as cheating.


We wring our hands about more, about enough. Enough jobs for everyone? Enough food for everyone? Enough SUV's for everyone?


Enough is already here.


We have everything we need, if only we could master the twin arts of bravely asking for help and humbly offering support.