When We Go Idle

Nothing thrives in idleness.  

If your car sits unused for a year, it probably won't start the next time you need it.


If you eat nothing but processed simple carbs, letting industrial machines do all the digesting of raw ingredients on behalf of your digestive system, you're going to get very sick.


If you abandon a shovel in your back yard, it will soon rust and rot and eventually stop being a shovel.


All of creation wants to serve out it's designed purpose. Cars want to drive, bodies want to digest, shovels want to move dirt.


Human beings want to make a ruckus: we want to build new toys, launch new projects, and contribute to our community. We want to be tool makers.


Human beings want to be in community: we want to know our neighbours, we want to have friends over for dinner, we want to invite the kids next door over to make pizza. We want to be social.


We want to be creative and we want to be in community.


When we allow our modern minds to ignore that, when we let our tool-making minds go idle, when we resist our social nature, when we go idle, we become a shell of what we could be, what we are intended to be.