False Binary

Option A: Your name is Dilbert. You hate your job. You work 50-80 hours a week and make good money. Your life is wasted, you are angry and upset.  

Option B: You're like my friend Janet, who told me today that she loves her job so much she will come in to work no matter how sick she is (assuming she's not contagious), because being at work makes her feel better. You work 50-80 hours a week, you make good money. Your life is great, your life is meaningful. You are happy and fulfilled.

We get caught in this false binary all the time. We assume that all jobs come in the same form: they occupy most of our waking hours, constitute our major contribution to the world, and pay all our bills.

Is it just me, or is that a lot of pressure to put on one gig?

What if, instead, our jobs were just one of our many gigs? What if we worked 20-30 hours for enough money and then spent our extra time make our art?