Wizard Rock

This is one of my favorite documentaries. We Are Wizards follows several different Harry Potter fan cultures and how they're thriving. It reminds me just how niche you get to be in this new world we're building. Delight and surprise a few thousand people and you've got a career, my friend :) Favorite moments:

  • 0:02:50 - Harry and the Potters talk about how their friends reacted - shun the non-believers!
  • 0:03:48 - Meet the Hungarian Horntails, a band led by seven year Darius.
  • 0:09:30 - Hear about the parenting philosophy of Darius' mom and dad and how they met.
  • 0:13:40 - A shy song writer gives up on "being serious" and writes awesome silly songs.
  • 0:15:20 - A young girl finds a "group of people she's a part of"
  • 0:16:07 - A young father finds a new way to be a good dad: "This is what I do".
  • 0:49:18 - Another writer freed up by giving up your serious sense of self.

Love this :)