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My name is Heather Rivard and I live in a beautiful city called Owosso. I grew up here, graduated from high school here, and have lived here ever since I graduated from college in 2011 (minus a five month stint in Detroit).

I'm a board member and volunteer with Shiawassee Hope, a local non profit working to eliminate poverty in our county. As part of that work, I live in a low income trailer park and help run a community center in the neighborhood.

I’m a member of Owosso City Church, a Christian community of faith. At City Church we love God, love each other, and practice hope. Together we are eating good food, supporting local efforts to eradicate poverty, and celebrating our city.

I'm also self employed as a small business operations contractor. I like helping people get even better at running their businesses. My work if fun, plus is gives me the flexibility to pour a lot of time into local non profit work.

Heather Rivard
March 23, 2017